The Family Resource Centre National Forum is the representative body of all Family Resource Centres which are part of the Tusla Family Resource Centre Programme.

Our vision is:

"That all children, families and communities will actively participate and be included in a society that that is free from prejudice, inequality, discrimination and exclusion, and which will contribute to their greatest possible well-being."

The Family Resource Centre (FRC) programme is Ireland’s largest national community-based family support programme, with over 100 FRCs situated in communities throughout Ireland. Each FRC is led by its own Voluntary Board of Directors which aims to identify and address the specific needs of their local community.

The principal objectives of the FRC programme is to combat disadvantage, and to strengthen and empower children, families and communities. The programme involves local communities in addressing the issues they face, and creates meaningful partnerships for social change between voluntary and statutory agencies.

Evidence shows that offering wrap-around support is the best way to create and sustain resilience. FRCs do this by providing prevention and early intervention for the whole life-course.

The FRC programme is core-funded by Tusla – the Child and Family Agency.